User Roles


By Neil Buen

updated 17 days ago

HiddenApp users can take one of four roles within their account:
Owner, Manager, Investigator and Analyst.


Analysts are colleagues that you don't want to be able to edit/update, set devices to Missing or request any data from devices. Analysts can only view existing data and not make any changes.

Analysts can also:

  • Download a Full Security Report
  • Download Location Report
  • Download Network Report
  • Download Images and Keylog Data


Investigators are colleagues that you generally trust and don't mind them being able to set devices to missing and trigger data requests.

Investigators can also:

  • All Analyst User Permissions
  • Set a device to missing
  • Receive data from device
  • Send a spoken message
  • Activate Remote Lock


Managers are colleagues who can be trusted to manage your HiddenApp account.

Managers can also:

  • All Analyst and Investigator Users Permission
  • Add or remove devices
  • Change Device Name
  • Delete Tracking Data
  • Delete History

Owner (person that created the account)

The owner is ultimately in charge of the HiddenApp account.

Owner's can also:

  • All Analyst, Investigator and Manager Users Permission
  • Manage subscriptions
  • Add/Remove users
  • Delete the account

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